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Al-Sisi expresses keenness to push on Egypt-France cooperation

Le Drian conveyed the greetings of French President Emmanuel Macron to Al-Sisi, hailing the strong and distinguished Al-Sisi receives French envoy Le Drianrelations between France and Egypt.

Cairo, Jan.13.– Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi expressed, on Monday, Egypt’s aspiration to benefit from French expertise in achieving its development plans.

The President added that this relates particularly to railway projects and the national plan for developing villages.

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China calls the emerging Biden administration ‘a new window of hope’

Beijing poured hundreds of millions of dollars into US Ivy League institutions, including a $1 million donation to Columbia University to underwrite an educational program that the State Department has since branded part of China’s “global influence and propaganda apparatus."

President Xi receives Joe Biden in BeijingBeijing, Jan. 4.– Chinese officials believe that President-elect Joe Biden will “restore normalcy” in US-China relations — claiming that “a new window of hope” is opening with the exit of the uncompromising Trump administration.

“China-US relations have come to a new crossroads, and a new window of hope is opening,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in an interview with state-owned broadcaster CGTN.

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N. Korea could conduct ICBM test early next year: think tank

SEOUL, Dec. 29 (Yonhap) -- North Korea could test-fire an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in the early months of the incoming U.S. administration of Joe Biden if nuclear talks between the two countries remain stalled, a local think tank said Tuesday.

The North has undertaken military provocations in the past to test Washington's approach or grab its attention when a new U.S. administration took office. President-elect Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated on Jan. 20.

Biden has called for "principled diplomacy" favoring working-level discussions over President Donald Trump's "top-down" diplomacy with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, suggesting that nuclear talks could move at a slower pace.

"Biden's formation of his foreign policy lineup and basic policy approach suggest that it is clear the administration will make a 180-degree turn to the bottom-up method based on working-level meetings, as opposed to the top-down method," the Asan Institute for Policy Studies said in its 2021 forecast on international affairs.

Imagen: Lanzamiento de misil, Corea del Norte, Fuente KCNA.

 "Therefore, the North will consider playing the card of an ICBM launch in a desperate measure to break the deadlock that could get even more serious than it has been under the Trump administration," it said.

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Ukraine discloses documented information involving the Biden family

Kiev, Dec. 27.– At a press conference in Interfax Ukraine, the Member of the Parliament of Ukraine Andrii Derkach Poroshenco welcomes Joe Bidenunveiled new records of conversations between “Biden and Poroshenko”. The main topics of the tapes released by Derkach, and now widely disclosed to the world, were the IMF loan guarantees, the operations of Naftogaz, tariff increases, the Burisma case, the nationalization of PrivatBank and others.

According to Derkach, on one of the records, Biden demanded that Poroshenko keep the CEO of Naftogaz NJSC, Kobolyev in place, whom the then Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman wanted to dismiss. Poroshenko assured Biden that he would deal with this. Commenting on this record, Derkach stated that Kobolyev was backed by the Americans.

As for the Burisma Holdings' issue, Biden boasted in a television interview sponsored by the Council for Foreign Relations in 2018 about his pressure on the Ukrainian government to dismiss the Attorney General investigating that company in a corruption case.

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Duterte pledged a COVID-free Christmas. Instead, cases soar

Millions of Filipinos attend Christmas events in spite of the president’s warnings that these gatherings could drive up community transmission.

Mindanao, Philippines– Shouting at the top of their lungs, more than a thousand residents of Polanco, a small town in the southern Philippines, stood shoulder-to-shoulder at a local park earlier this month to join a Christmas tree-lighting countdown, defying the national government’s social-distancing guidelines.

Some people were not wearing masks while children who are banned from mass gatherings due to the risk of infection, ran around.

The police stood helpless in the middle of the crowd as politicians allied with President Rodrigo Duterte led the ceremony.

Days later, many of the same residents, gathered anew at a church nearby to join the nationwide “Simbang Gabi” – a series of nine nightly rituals commemorating Christ’s birth. Inside, social-distancing protocols were difficult to observe.

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